Tanasha Donna Enlists Ethic And Mbosso In Upcoming EP

Written by on October 8, 2019

Ever envisioned a Tanasha Donna and Ethic musical collaboration?! Neither have we. Still does not make it a farfetched imagination. As a matter of fact,word has it that it is well on the way.

New mom Tanasha Donna is not about to let her exponentially increasing fame slide by. After dropping two critically acclaimed singles Radio and Nah Easy,she has been hard at work in studio both in Kenya and Tanzania working on a new EP that will see her experiment with a myriad musical acts. The EP dubbed Donnatella, a title that plays off her name,will reportedly feature both Bongo crooner Mbosso and Kenyan Gengetone supergroup Ethic. A snippet of the Mbosso collab obtained from a source close to hers reveals that the upcoming record is a Swahili-cum-French ballad that is bound to take over the charts once released. She is finally taking on the orthodox Tanzanian sound and giving it her own twist. Suffice to say that this will be instrumental in catapulting her career skywise, given the success of her Tanzanian counterparts.

As if that is not enough,she is also reportedly working on an absolute club banger with Ethic. Whatever that will sound like is up to question, but if their prevailing popularity is anythinng to go by,that will quite a record. All fingers crossed.

Meanwhile,the former NRG Radio late night presenter and model is enjoying her newly-attained new mommy role with her son born almost a week ago,and whose name is still obscure.


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