MiMi Done Bodied The Bottle Cap Challenge. Enough Said!

Written by on July 8, 2019

The elusive chanteuse basically just sent all the contestants of the Bottle Cap Challenge home with her seamless version of it. Being MiMi,she obviously would do it her way,and that she did. Except,her way proved the most effortless yet borderline outlandish. Typical Mariah,suffice to say.

The Bottle Cap Challenge craze swept over the interwebs for the last week the world over,and thousands took part. It basically entails kicking a loosely placed bottle cap off a bottle that is full of a liquid or empty,without knocking it over. That is,needless to say,no mean task. The challenge was kickstarted by Taekwondo pro Farabi Davletchin when he posted a video of him doing the damn thing,and the world was bound to join the bandwagon. Celebs like Ryan Reynolds and Ellie Goulding were not about to be left out either.

She is not the kind to jump into trends,but MiMi sought to give this one a shot,albeit with so much more oomph and classic Mariah ultra-fabulosity! In the video posted a few hours ago,MiMi is seen belting out a high note and in a few seconds,the bottle cap on a bottle placed right infront of her flies off while she cheekily walks away. Of course,it is all an optical illusion but coming from MiMi and being the most unlikely version,she won this hands down! Oh,and while at it,she gave us a little taste of her 5-octave vocal range!





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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