Lil Nas X Comes Out Of The Closet..Albeit In A Cryptic Way

Written by on July 1, 2019

He might be the most annoying troll since he burst onto the limelight a few months with the mega hit,Old Town Road,but his latest cryptic announcement could be a far cry from trolling.

After dropping his much-anticipated EP 7 coupled with the perpetual success of Old Town Road,Lil Nas X’s advent is beyond question. It is not often that a singer appeals to audiences of varied genres at the same time and so seamlessly while at it.

Just in time for the culmination of Pride Month,Lil Nas X took to twitter with a rather unprecedented announcement. Citing lyrics from one of the songs on the EP, C7osure, Nas  intimates that some people knew already,others simply do not care and others will likely not like him anymore,but insists that he has an important message to put across before June winds up. The lyrics in question are cryptic as they come,but harbour lots of revelation:

Ain’t no more acting, man that forecast say I should just let me grow,

No more red light for me baby, only green, I gotta go,

Pack my past up in the back and let my future take a hold

This is what I gotta do, can’t be regretting when I’m old.

He followed up with a tweet depicting that his EP had rainbow coloring in the background. This has come as a surprise to some,but turns out had heavily speculated already. Go ‘head Nas,can’t nobody tell you nothing!

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