Britney Spears May Never Perform Again..Here’s Why

Written by on May 17, 2019

Britney Spears has been at rock bottom a myriad times when it comes to her mental health. The most notorious one would have to be her 2007 mental breakdown that saw Britney shave her head bald and attack paparazzi;all prompted by a nasty divorce from now enstranged

ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Back in February,Britney was set to kickstart a new Las Vegas Residency dubbed Britney:Domination . This was not bound to happen,as Britney would end up putting the residency on hold to take care of her father whose colon reportedly almost ruptured. Brit was also working on a new album to coincide with the residency,but the fate of that is also unknown.

After her father’s health battles got the better of Britney,she checked herself into a mental health facility. Her longtime manager Larry Rudoplh has now come out saying that she may never perform. This comes in the wake of the infamous Free Britney movement that insinuated that Britney was being controlled by her family,contributing to her mental health woes,claims that Britney herself refuted. Rudolph says Britney is not in mental or physical to resume rehearsals and does not want to see her work again till she is ready,whether that takes years. Does this mean that Britney may never perform or make music again?


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